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Webkinz, Ty & Plush

The Webkinz web site has been designed for users aged 6-13+ and is intended to include content for all ages and levels of computer skill within that range. Webkinz’ have designed the site to reach the widest possible audience within that range. Webkinz understands that some of the games and jobs may be difficult for younger users, but their research and experience has shown that younger audiences can quite enjoy the site with the support of an adult.

That said, webkinz have designed some  games and jobs for younger children. Both the Fence Painting and Shoe Store Clerk (both memory games) have proven fun and achievable by younger users. In the Arcade, we recommend Wacky Zingoz and Tulip Trouble 2.

Younger users can also enjoy all of the non-game methods of making money, including the Wheel of WOW, Wishing Well and the Care Award, and best of all, the 5-6 year old questions in Quizzy’s Question Corner – over 1000 age appropriate, curriculum-based questions that make KinzCash faster than any of the games.

Webkinz World is a great place to learn and play! Your child can learn lots of fun facts at Quizzy’s. The questions at Quizzy’s are age-appropriate, and most are educationally based.

We also have several arcade games that promote learning:

  • Booger Gets an A promotes addition skills
  • Lunch Letters helps children to learn how to type and spell
  • Quizzy’s Word Challenge aids in spelling
  • Operation Gumball encourages children to think logically

Webkinz Newz and the W Tales encourage reading, and our many contests encourage writing, creativity, and problem-solving.

Your child can also learn about money in Webkinz World; by earning KinzCash, your child learns how to save and spend money.

Webkinz World also helps to teach children about responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others.

Webkinz World is getting better and better all the time.
We hope you and your child will come on in and play!



Beanie Boo’s, Beanie Ballz, Lil’ Ones, Pluffies, Clips, Clssics & Eraserz

Hello Kitty & Alvin and the Chipmunks



Sqwishland is an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) involving a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities, developed by Sqwishland, LLC. Using the toys as the characters (called Sqwishlanders) of the game, players can chat, play mini games and participate in other activities with one another in the colorful virtual world. Each toy comes packaged with a SqwishCode that kids can redeem to add Sqwash (SqwishCash) to their Sqwishland game account.


Yoo Hoo’s


YooHoo & Friends is a virtual world based upon characters created by Aurora World. The characters are based upon real animals in their natural habitat all over the world.

Some of them are endangered and children will be able to learn about each animal. Children will be able to choose and raise pets, decorate pet?셲 room, play games and watch YooHoo & Friends animations.


Any child can register and adopt pets from the YooHoo & Friends characters. We encourage you to check out YooHoo & Friends plush available on WHERE TO BUY! Registration to our website is free and does not require any activation code to enter.

After adopting a pet, children can decorate a pet?셲 room, play games and earn Green points to decorate their pet?셲 room. They can also watch previews of the upcoming YooHoo & Friends animation series.


YooHoo & Friends is designed for 5-12 year olds, but certainly appeals to all ages.


YooHoo & Friends is committed to creating a safe online environment.

As stated in our PRIVACY STATEMENT, we collect very limited information and do not make that information available to third parties.

Your child should never give out personal information such as real name, age, location, or phone number to any third party.

Your child should not share password with anyone(except parent or legal guardian).

Your child should further be encouraged to report to the parents regarding anything on the intern