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Corporate Giving

Why an I Love Chocolate! Gift Basket?
A gift basket is a great way to express appreciation and thanks to employees, employers, trade partners, suppliers, teachers, mail deliverers and any others on your list that you want to show you appreciation to. They are also a great gift for people that have everything!

Our gift baskets are FULL of product and NOT fluff (ie. shredded paper to take up space or products with no value or appeal). The majority of the products in our gift baskets are handcrafted on-site…so the basket is unique…no one else is going to have the same thing…they are only available in Fergus! Up until our recent Christmas brochures we haven’t actively marketed our gift baskets but we do thousands of them a year. We keep making more and more gift baskets every year primarily because our new customers have already received one, they loved it, and they want to give one to their business associates and friends!
That’s why!

We consider corporate gifts extremely important. We want each recipient to feel that a special thought was put into every gourmet Belgian Chocolate gift they receive. You’re welcome to select from any of gifts. Or give us a call if you have something else in mind. We’ll make sure we have the perfect corporate gift for you to send. Since each corporate order is made upon order, We can include a personalized handwritten note, your own company’s branded gift or even specific chocolate covered treats. Give us a call, and we can be creative together!

Dare to Compare!  Why choose an I Love Chocolate! Gift over a big box store, catalogue, online gift?                   We compared a big box store/ gift basket catalogue gift basket to one of ours. Sometimes the big box store gift basket may LOOK larger, but they are full of fluff- boxes that are much larger than the product they contain.  See our results below.

Big Box Store/ Catalogue Basket I Love Chocolate! Gift Basket
Item # of Pieces      Weight Item    Weight
pizelle wafers 12 wafers 60 g crackers 170 g
cookie/biscuit 3 pieces 75 g marshmallow heart 106 g
pretzels 2 pieces 48 g hot pepper jelly 336 g
chocolate bar 80 g almond buttercrunch 156 g
coffee 8-12 cups 42.5 g truffles       6 pieces 120 g
cookies 15 mini pieces 125 g almond bark 100 g
TOTAL PRODUCT  WEIGHT 430.5 g beer nuts 200 g
yogurt pretzels 150 g
plate -plastic value $5? TOTAL PRODUCT WEIGHT 1338 g
base-wicker/wood boat basket value $10? base oval tin $10

P.S. The expiry date on the cookies in this gift basket had a 2 year expiry date-full of who knows what!










Give the Gift Basket everyone wants to receive!

Gift Baskets suitable for Diabetics available upon request.

P.S. If you prefer a different mix other than what we have shown in our catalogue, we have lots of other top quality gourmet products available in the store. Depending on when you place order (early vs. last minute), we can add them to your basket, put in place of another item, or you can hand choose your own mixture and we will make up a basket with your personal selection!

Custom Molds

Custom Molds available at a reasonable price. Give the gift of a custom chocolate for trade shows, events, celebrations or just to say Thanks!  Have your logo, symbol or something special made in a custom mold.  Choose your price point of the completed Chocolate piece.  Choose your packaging. Choose your Chocolate- Milk, White or Dark Belgian Chocolate. A 3 week lead time.

Custom Bar Wrappers: Want to give a custom gift without the cost of a custom mold.  Consider custom bar wrappers at a fraction of the cost of a custom mold. Ask for more details!

Custom Tags:  Just like a wedding favour!  Add a custom tag to any shape or product we make.